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We use a material which consists of silver halide salts suspended in a colloidal resin to bring out the highest quality prints possible. We only print with high quality ink as the colors achieved with that form of printing are superior to laser. The amount of luster and vibrancy is unparalleled.

Since we use Matic, you never have to worry about gas fees! Our prices automatically adjust depending on the current market so that every Gem costs the same! With other chains like Ethereum, you never know what something is going to truly costs at the time. 

We know your NFTs are precious pieces of the metaverse, that's why we "Gemifythem in the first place! But what protects your Gem? For our "Power Gems" we provide a free beautiful black and gold metal case with front view port and a custom etched serialized backplate linking not only your NFT to the case it belongs to, but to your NFTs listing online! As for those lucky enough to win one of our larger Infinity Slabs, we provide a golden "Quantum Sarcophagus".

Our verification process is 100% authentic! You can rest assured that no one else has turned one of your NFTs into a Gem yet. We have a thorough verification process that ensures that you are the legitimate owner of the NFT before we turn it into a Gem. 

We Gem Gif NFTs! We are the only service on this planet currently who offer this as a service for NFTs and take it a step beyond. You will not find this service anywhere else. We are constantly looking to evolve and grow. We will never settle for the norm and stationary. New products are already under development.

We use a 9mm to 13mm thick shatter resistant and ultra violet resistant clear material to turn your NFT into a Gem! Your NFT will be protected like no other. Our Gems are permanently sealed and cannot be opened peacefully. Our Gems can withstand direct sunlight for decades without yellowing while being 12% clearer than glass. The weight of our material is also 50% lighter than it would be if it were glass.

Our Gems are made by hand with a keen eye for detail so you can expect consistent quality from each and every gem you hold. Nothing is purchased, assembled or hired as freelance work to create each Gem. Absolutely everything your Gem is made out of is made in house from raw materials here in the USA.

The NFTs contained within our Gems do not shake inside! Because of that they do not make any noise when you shake them either! This ensures the cards longevity. Shaky cards lead to damaged cards over time due to micro-dent buildup and this we cannot allow.

We have a dedicated team here to quickly reply with any questions you may have! Message us on any one of our social media platforms below or message us from our contact form "here".

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