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Is everything really made in the USA?


We take customer support very seriously. We will make right any issues that arise quickly. Please use our form "hereto get the fastest response possible or message us on any of our social media channels.

​All orders will be shipped out in 1-3 business days depending on order volume. Although we will ship out same day if possible via UPS. Overnight options available. International orders will ship out as quickly as domestic orders but will take up to 10 days for final delivery outside of the USA.

How long does it take?

What if there is an issue?

Do you accept returns?

Of course! If our customers are not happy then neither are we. If we are unable to resolve the issue and you would like to return your Gem you must do so within 2 weeks of delivery. Use our contact form here.

 What chains do you support?

We can turn any image based NFT into a Gem regardless of chain so  all are welcome! Whether it's a Gif or 2D image we have you covered. 

Why Matic?

We use Matic because there are no gas fees of course! Which also means every Gem costs the same amount! It is also widely available across most all exchanges.

Why Crypto?

By using crypto we are able to verify that the future Gem owner is the real owner of their NFT and that the NFT is not a duplicate. 

Can I turn any NFT into a Gem?

If you are the owner of the NFT you should have every right to turn it into a Gem. However, we will never knowingly Gem an NFT that you do not own or have not been granted permission to use.

All materials to create the gem and the internals of each case is bought as blank materials from within the USA and then turned into what you see by hand. The only part that is not from within the USA is the exterior of each case, although all laser etching is done within the USA.

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