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We will confirm you are the legitimate owner and your nft is from the correct collection.

Automation coming soon.

Custom art and qr code to take you directly to your nft listing.

all details, traits, logo platform, description, rarity, title, Number chain type and more are all recorded on the backside.

NFT to Gem


  • This is the worlds first and only way to convert your NFT into a permanently sealed solid Gem that will last a lifetime.

  • Each gem is encapsulated with our proprietary molecular vacuum friction sealing process.​

  • Price of 1 gem ranges from $110 - $300 depending on what package is chosen. 

  • Only 1,000 of these will ever be made. All renders are examples.

  • Each order optionally comes with a fully animated 3D HD render of your NFT in a Gem and will be minted and sent to your wallet directly.  Renders are optional. You can see examples of our renders here.

  • You do not have to purchase a physical Gem to get a render.

  • All renders are 60fps.

Open Chat to Start
Open Chat to Begin

step 1

click on the chat button below and we will gather the needed information to start the gemification


step 2

step 3

Your gem will ship in as little as 1-3 days and youR render will be delivered to your wallet within the same time period.

feature 1

Black comes standard but if you are lucky you will receive a colored power gem.​

collect all 5

colors to win an infinity slab once they are released before anyone else.

feature 2

feature 3

feature 4

Every gem comes with a free gem protector case.

keep your gem safe while still being able to see your gem inside.

feature 5

Every case is uniquely etched with a custom qr code and case number that you can scan to take you directly to your nft's listing.

scan this one to try it.

feature 6

all platforms are welcome.

Collaborations are welcome.

The metaverse is welcome.

Follow us to see all of our gems in physical form

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